Crime Stoppers NT launches Dob in a Dealer campaign to tackle Darwin drug problem

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The heat is set to be turned up for local drug dealers and manufacturers following the Darwin launch of the national Dob in a Dealer campaign earlier today.

Crime Stoppers NT chair, Catherine Phillips, encouraged people to help disrupt the manufacture and supply of drugs by anonymously reporting anything they know about drug activity happening within their local community.

“The October 2018 National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Report shows that Darwin now has the highest average capital city consumption of methamphetamine use, which is a title that no one in the Territory should be proud of – so we need the help of the community to tackle this problem right at the source,” Ms Phillips said.

“This unwelcome title comes on the back of the Northern Territory recording the highest average capital city consumption of methylamphetamine and MDMA nationally in April 2018. In fact, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission estimates that 65.5 kilograms of methylamphetamine is consumed in the Northern Territory each year, as well as 19.5 kilograms of cocaine, 38.2 kilograms of MDMA and 1.1 kilograms of heroin – so we are now at a crisis point that needs urgent attention,” she said.

“We know drug dealers and manufacturers are often hiding in plain sight, but the fear of reprisal often forces people to turn a blind eye and not speak out for fear of retaliation. Anonymously contacting Crime Stoppers offers a solution.”

Ms Phillips said the 2016 Dob in a Dealer campaign resulted in a 287% increase in the number of amphetamine-related Information Reports raised for police investigation, while a total of 255 drug-specific Information Reports were raised in a 6-week period directly as a result of people being prompted to speak out.

“People know who is selling drugs to their family, friends and colleagues. They might think it’s up to someone else to step up and do something, but let’s not kid ourselves about the damage that drug dealers continue to cause. Sitting back and watching drug dealers destroy the lives of the people you care about should not be an option. We need people to make a difference by contacting Crime Stoppers and sharing what they know,” Ms Phillips said.

“Crime Stoppers is a safe, trusted link between the community and police. We don’t need to know who someone is, just what they know. Even if someone has little more than a suspicion that still might be the piece of the puzzle that can make all the difference – so our message is for people to make the call and choose to stay anonymous,” she said.

The Dob in a Dealer campaign – which is an initiative funded by the Federal Government – will see high-profile posters and flyers distributed through emergency services, local councils and health services, while TV and radio advertising further reinforces the message.

If you have any information about someone who is manufacturing or dealing any type of illegal drug, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online at You can remain anonymous.

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